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This Kenkey and shito is the perfect pair! In this combo you will get 1 kenkey and 1 shito in an 16 ounce jar. Kenkey or Dorkunu or Komi is a staple dish similar to a sourdough dumpling from the Akan, Ga and Ewe inhabited regions of West Africa, usually served with a soup, stew, or sauce. Areas where kenkey is eaten are southern Ghana, eastern Côte d Shito is the word for pepper in Ga, a Ghanaian language from Accra, the Ghanaian capital. Whilst the word for pepper is different for each of the Ghanaian native languages, shitor din, commonly called 'shito', is widely used as the name for the hot black pepper sauce ubiquitous in Ghanaian cuisine. ! kenkey and !

Fanti Kenkey & Shito Combo

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